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Red-Bellied Turtle Origami, Alabama State Reptile

There are three species of red-bellied turtles in the United States: the endangered Alabama red-bellied turtle (Alabama's official state reptile), the threatened Eastern red-bellied turtle (also known as the American red-bellied turtle or the Northern Red-bellied Cooter), and the Florida red-bellied turtle.

The threats to these brightly colored turtles are many, ranging from wetland loss, habitat fragmentation, pollution, collection of turtles for food and pets. In Alabama, fences are being built to protect turtles crossing highways in search of nesting areas.

Alabama red-bellied turtle:

Print and Fold an Origami Red-Bellied Turtle:

Difficulty: Easy


1A. Print and cut out origami along outer solid lines.
1B. Fold up along line A. Unfold.
1C. Fold down along line B. Unfold.

2A. Turn paper over so that printed side is facing down.
2B. Fold up along diagonal line C. Unfold.
2C. Fold up along diagonal line D. Unfold.

3A. Fold down along diagonal line E. Unfold.
3B. Fold down along diagonal line F. Unfold.
3C. Your origami should now be creased as illustrated.

4A. Fold bottom half up along creases as shown.
4B. Fold top half down along creases as shown.
4C. Your origami should appear as illustrated.

5A. Fold head up.
5B. Fold rear flipper down as shown.
5C. Repeat on other side.

6A. Turn your turtle over, so that the printed side is facing up.
6B. Fold side of shell under as shown.
6C. Repeat on other side.
6D. Fold top of shell under.

"Accordian" fold the tail by tucking it back, then folding it forward. Your red-bellied turtle origami is done!

Print red-bellied turtle origami


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