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Bottlenose Dolphin, Mississippi State Water Mammal

The Bottlenose Dolphin, the official Mississippi State Water Mammal, one of the most common and beloved of marine mammals, known for their intelligence and encounters with people.

Traveling in pods of 10 to 20, they sometimes gather in huge groups of up to 1,000 dolphins, communicating through a series of clicks and whistles, and with body displays such as slapping their tails on the water surface and leaping from waves.

Bottlenose dolphins are the only marine mammal aside from sea otters to have been documented using tools. In Australia's Shark Bay, dolphins have been observed placing marine sponges on their rostrum or beak to protect themselves as they search for food on the ocean floor.

Print and Fold an Origami Bottlenose Dolphin

Difficulty: Easy


1a. Print and cut out origami and dorsal fin.
1b. Snip end of tale, as illustrated, to red dot.

2a. Turn origami over. With printed side down, fold along A as illustrated.
2b. Repeat fold along B.
2c. Fold along C.
2d. Fold along D.

3a. Fold in half, diagonally along F, as illustrated.
3b. Your origami should look like this, with a "tail" flap and a "head" flap.

4a. Unfold "tail" flap. Take note of the diagonal line, highlighted here in red, on the dolphin's flipper.

4b. Folding "tail" flap first, crease dolphin's flipper along the highlighted line as you fold "head" flap over.

4c. Your origami should now look like this, with the flipper folded as shown.

5a. "Valley" fold origami tip inward along E as illustrated.
5b. Fold dorsal fin in half, along solid line, as illustrated.

6. Fold tail fluke down. Tape/glue dorsal fin into place. Your marine mammal is done!

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