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Camellia Origami, Alabama State Flower

The Japanese Camellia (Camellia japonica), also known as the "Rose of Winter," is the most beautiful and prized of all the camellias. Originally from China, Japan and Korea, the Japanese Camellia is the official state flower of Alabama.

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate


1. Print and cut out Camellia origami along outer solid lines.

2a. With printed side facing down, fold half along horizontal line as shown. Unfold.
2b. Fold in half along vertical line as shown. Unfold.

3. With printed side facing up, fold in half along diagonal line as shown. Unfold.

4. Your camellia origami should be creased as shown:

5. Fold along blue lines, pulling in on red lines to create a "tent" fold as shown. Your camellia should now be shaped like a diamond.

6a. Fold back right white corner as shown.
6b. Repeat on other side, folding left white corner back as shown.

7. Turn your origami over.

8. Repeat process, folding back right and left white corners.

9."Open" your camellia by pulling out right petal, then pulling out left petal.

10. Complete your camellia by folding back down, as shown.

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