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Two-tailed Swallowtail Butterfly Origami, Arizona State Butterfly

Arizona's official state butterfly, the two-tailed swallowtail, can be found throughout Arizona and in parts of California, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Nevada.

Found in canyons feeding on chokecherry, rosewood and sycamore, it can easily be mistaken for the tiger swallowtail--however, unlike the tiger, the two-tailed swallowtail has thinner black stripes on its wings, and has two tails on its hind wings.

Difficulty: Easy


For the next few steps, follow instructions to Monarch Butterfly Origami:
2a. Print and cut out your two-tailed swallowtail origami. With printed side facing down,
2b. Fold in half diagonally along B.
2c. Unfold and repeat the diagonal fold along C.

3a. With printed side facing up,
3b. Fold in half horizontally along A.
3c. Unfold. Your origami should be creased as illustrated.

4. Carefully fold along creases, forming a "tent" as illustrated.

5a. Fold the right "tent" corner up along D, as illustrated.
5b. Fold the left "tent" corner up along E, as illustrated.

6. Your Origami Swallowtail Butterfly should look like this:

7. Turn butterfly origami over, printed side down.

8a. Fold up along F. Note that corners will pull in to either side.
8b. Crease corners flat, as indicated by arrows.

9. Turn your origami butterfly over.

10a. Fold butterfly in half vertically, so wings are together.
10b. Crease one wing down, diagonally, to form body.
10b. Fold down the other wing, diagonally, as shown.

11. Open wings up. Your butterfly is done!

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All rights reserved.


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