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United States Emblems: American Bald Eagle Origami

Found throughout the continent from Alaska and Canada and south to Mexico, the bald eagle is the only eagle found only in North America. Once endangered, the American bald eagle is still protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act which makes it illegal to import or export eagles and eagle parts, nests or eggs without a permit.

Revered by Native Americans, this majestic bird with its distinctive white head was adopted as the National Emblem of the United States of America on July 20, 1872. Eagles soaring high above the battlefields during the Revolutionary war were said by patriots to be "shrieking for freedom." Since then, the eagle has come to symbolize freedom.


1a. Print your eagle origami:

1b. To fold your eagle origami, follow the same directions as the owl origami: Cut out image along outer solid lines.

2a. Fold in half along diagonal line. Unfold.
2b. Repeat the diagonal fold on other side. Unfold.
2c. Fold down along horizontal line. Unfold.

2d. Your origami should be creased as shown.

3. Carefully fold along creases, forming a "tent" as illustrated.

4a. Turn origami over.
4b. & c. Fold diagonally on both sides, as illustrated.

5a. & b. Form tail by folding diagonally on both sides, as illustrated.

Turn over. You can leave your eagle's wings open or you may fold the wings forward.Your origami eagle is ready to fly!

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I love this and would like to do it with my First graders since we are currently learning all about American Symbols. Where do I print this file?

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